David A. Krauth

dakrauth@gmail.com · 207.274.0401 · https://dakrauth.com/cv/ · https://github.com/dakrauth


Software developer specializing in full stack web development using Python, Django, and Javascript. Available immediately


Languages: Python, Javascript, C/C++, SQL
Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu/Debian, RHEL/CentOS), AWS
Web Servers:
Apache, nginx, WSGI
Django, Vue.js, Backbone, Bootstrap
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Redis
git, Docker, Mercurial, Photoshop
HTML(5), CSS(3), SASS, XML, JSON, reStructured Text, Markdown

Work Experience

The Atlantic Monthly Group · Washington, DC / Kaneohe, HI
Senior Platform Developer · 4/2018 - Present
Develop and maintain the Atlantic's CMS and web platform

Upgrade from Django 1.8 to Django 1.11 to Django 2.2

Upgrade from Python 2.7 to 3.7

Implemented admin and API for sponsor content backend

Artemis Consulting (Library of Congress) · Washington, DC
Lead Python Developer · 11/2017 - 4/2018
Design and implement internal tools for digital data ingest

Open Therapeutics, LLC · Washington, DC / Cincinnati, OH
Lead Software Developer and Director of Software Development · 6/2016 - 6/2017
Architect and principal contributor to the Therapoid platform.

Designed tools, services, and interfaces for open source, collaborative bio-technologists and life scientists.

Incorporated various 3rd party API's for authentication, annotation, and publishing services.

Self Employed · Maastricht, NL
Web Development Consultant · 3/2014 - 6/2016
Development of major conference web sites and portals.

Developed web portals for the Univeristy of Maastricht departmental conferences, handling registration, enrollment, and scheduling services.

Authored the Pension Communication web portal for the U. of Maastricht Deportment of Finance.

Real Digital Media · Portland, ME / Seminole, FL
Sr. Software Engineer · 5/2011 - 3/2014
Front-end developer and designer for cutting edge enterprise SaaS platform for managing large scale digital signage delivery networks.

CashStar, Inc · Portland, ME
Sr. Software Engineer · 2/2009 - 5/2011
Employee number 7 during early start-up phase, helped to grow CashStar from 3 to 90+ merchant accounts and 40+ employees.

Developed skin-able eCommerce web sites for digital gift cards for top industry leading brands, e.g. https://homedepot.cashstar.com/ and https://williams-sonoma.cashstar.com/ (for extensive list see http://www.cashstar.com/egift-center/).

Wrote internal customer service applications with integrations for proprietary, predictive fraud and risk analysis services to minimize credit card fraud.

Designed extensive, patent-pending promotional and incentive packages for seasonal marketing campaigns.

Developed analytical and reporting mash-up web applications for client dashboard services.

Somatic Digital · Manchester, NH
Lead Software Architect and Developer · 11/2004 - 1/2009
Co-founder and Vice President of a technology start-up, responsible for all developmental aspects of the Touch User Interface (TUI) technology, which naturalizes human/computer interaction by providing the conduit through which multimedia content is accessed through non-traditional means, such as paper.

Managed and implemented all technology R&D, prototypes, and IT infrastructure to position the company to successfully raise over $1M in angel and venture funding.

Wrote the primary desktop client applications using Python and the wxPython GUI framework, deployed to both Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

Designed and implemented the somaticdigital.com and etouchbook.com websites using the Django web framework and the jQuery javascript library.

Authored the TUI XML-based, content-mapping schema used to connect areas of the pages of the TUI-enabled book to digital content, websites, applications, and proprietary subscription services.

Inventor / co-inventor named on 5 patents.

Contributed to the success of Somatic Digital's strategic partnerships with NASA and the National Federation of the Blind.

Authored the web accessible site http://NFBShareBraille.org/, allowing blind users to exchange braille publications through the USPS Free Matter for the Blind.

Crafted the standardized TUI Icon library for entry into the INCITS V36 technology standards (http://v36.incits.org), as well as gain Somatic Digital's entry onto the committee.

OASIS · Billerica, MA
Sr. Web Developer · 10/2006 - 8/2007
Technical Services member

Design and implementation of the OASIS Library, a document management system for the OASIS standards workflow process, featuring expensive metadata capabilities based upon Dublin Core (DCMI). Developed using Django, MySQL, Apache 2.2 and Debian Linux.

Maintenance and enhancement of the Zope-based KAVI platform.

Microsoft · Redmond, WA
Software Development Engineer / Test · 9/2004 - 3/2005
Visual Studio 2005 Team Suites member

Architected the core testing framework for the Team Suites integration with Visual Studio 2005, MS Excel and MS Project using C#.NET 2.0

Supervised the daily outsourcing of test case development to Microsoft's contracting agents in China

Enhanced the daily test automation environment using Python 2.3

Software Development Engineer / Test · 9/2003 - 9/2004
Windows 2003 Server team member for Microsoft UDDI v3

Implemented an XML-driven test harness using C#.NET to automate web browser UI and Windows Server 2K3 MMC test cases

Wrote detailed test cases for the UDDI SOAP interface using XML and XSLT

Automated the testing environment using Python 2.3

Honeywell · Clearwater, FL
Software Engineer · 1/2003 - 6/2003
Team member for the Ballistic Missile Range Safety Technology system (staffed through Manpower)

Implemented a quadratic digital smoothing filter for radar data ingest

Created an XML-driven, automated build system in Python 2.2 and C++, using MFC, SMTP, PVCS, MS Word integration

Lead Software Test Engineer · 7/2002 - 1/2003
Team lead responsible for implementing white-box testing for a multithreaded, cross-platform, software library written in C++, used as the foundation for the BMRST system

Designed extensive test code scenarios for a string class with regular expression interfaces; TCP/IP socket and listener interfaces; templatized containers (deques, maps, vectors); threading devices (semaphores, mutex, critical sections)

Wrote a C++ language parser in Python to extract class and method declarations for generating skeleton test code.

Teltronics · Sarasota, FL
Senior Software Engineer · 6/2000 - 7/2002
Lead developer responsible for the design and development of the Site Event Buffer (SEBea), a remote hardware device used to monitor legacy telecommunication devices via data collection, alarm monitoring and event reporting.

Designed with UML and implemented with C++ a customized RTOS and application layer embedded in the Motorola PowerQUICC 860T

Refactored and extended the Python 1.5.2 interpreter as a thread-safe, embedded code base within the RTOS application layer

Authored a command line shell for remote telnet or serial interface

Engineered the event detection process by which input is read, analyzed, and converted from a byte stream to meaningful records of information to be cached into a tagged data format for remote retrieval

Contributed to the SEBEa MFC emulator application

IBM · Tampa, FL
Software Engineer · 3/1999 - 6/2000
Developed dial-up and broadband connectivity software for Windows and Macintosh

Contributed to the development the dialer application, specializing in Windows dial-up networking with RAS, TCP/IP, PPP, VPN, and PPTP

Andersen Consulting · St. Petersburg, FL
Software Consultant · 8/1997 - 3/1999
Lead developer for the developmental tools team for a full lifecycle, large scale, client/server application package

Wrote stand-alone MFC applications and web-based services for the optimization and enchancement of the development and deployment environments

Robbins Engineering · Tampa, FL
Software Developer and Trainer · 11/1996 - 8/1997
Development, deployment, and training of multiple engineering software packages

Programmed designer roof engineering applications

Ridgway Roof Truss · Gainesville, FL
Programmer/Engineering Systems Analyst · 2/1995 - 10/1996
AutoCAD and IT specialist for roof truss engineering firm.

Developed custom C++ and AutoLisp tools for analysis of engineered roof systems


Daytona Beach Community College, Daytona Beach, FL, A. A.
University Of Florida, Gainesville, FL

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